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Kakashi's LiveJournal

23 April
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My real name is Brad, although I have plenty of online aliases (Boko, Wildfire, Kakashi).

I am 21 years old. Non-smoker. Non-drinker (except for that ONE time). Hey I was turning 21. Who can blame me?

...Never again...

I live in Northeast Wisconsin (Go packers!). I'm currently attending a school in central Wisconsin, which means a lot of moving. x.X

I'm a big fan of most anime that include fighting or love or a combonation of both. Video games not so much. I do like Final Fantasy, Zelda, etc.

I started this LiveJournal because a good friend of mine has her own LJ and I thought it was cool. Maybe someone will actually visit this one on a daily basis. Only time will tell. I'm new to this kinda thing, so help me out if you get a chance. I would be very appreciative. :D

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